As found in our Financial Overview - ALA's transportation costs include the cost of vehicles, but not regularly  (currently, all ALA vehicles' debts have been paid off). Our yearly costs include insurance, safety measures to protect our students, and general transportation expenses.

All vans, buses, trucks, and trailers are kept on school property, as per standard operating procedure. There are four exceptions to this practice. Four work trucks are assigned to facilities, grounds, and operations managers whose job responsibilities require them to cover multiple campuses.

The remainder of ALA’s vehicles may have different drivers depending on the needs of the day.
ALA Vehicles

  • 29 Buses (~1150 students/day, field trips, etc.)
  • 21 Vans (special education, athletics, arts trips, etc.)
  • 9 Trucks (facilities & grounds maint.)
  • 4 Trailers (facilities & grounds maint.)
  • 17 Other Equipment (facilities & grounds maint.)

NOTE: Vehicles are to be used to carry out the official mission of the school.

American Leadership Academy’s vehicle inventory can be found here. The only drivers of these vehicles are certified drivers/ALA employees, or staff members who are transporting equipment to and from each school.

More information about operations can be found on Charter One's Annual Report:

Charter One Annual Report